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Doors will open but be prepared to give your all and to live up to your promises. How you dealt with past challenges will determine how well you fair as stability, opportunity and success head into your sphere. Harnessing your attributes and making them work for you will be the key.

Look inward, choose your prime purpose and distance yourself from meddlers. A steady pace in a direction that you have chosen for the promises and returns you desire will not let you down if you are willing to embrace change and unorthodox procedures. LEO July Aug. Set new goals. Put a budget in place. Thwart inconsistency, excess and uncertainty. Now you are ready to conquer the world. This year has the potential to offer you unprecedented opportunities if you take care of unfinished business clearing a passageway to success.

This is a great premise but a tendency to be led astray or to underestimate will also be present. Leave nothing to chance and everything will eventually fall into place. Hard work is what it takes and having the strength and courage to follow through with your thoughts and plans will be necessary if you want to get ahead.

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Hold on to your dreams and trust in your instinct, raw talent and desire. Recognize that happiness and success is in your hands. Buckle down and tidy up loose ends. Too much of anything will drag you down. Recognition will be yours and your reputation will be front and center. Proper planning and presentation will separate you from any competition you face. Greater opportunities will come your way if you are upfront as well as proactive when it comes to fulfilling your dreams. Take a deep breath and forge into new frontier with confidence.

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The Sun stays in Sagittarius from 16th December to 13th January as per sidereal zodiac which is followed by Vedic Astrologers and from 22nd November to 21st December as per Tropical Zodiac followed by Western Astrologers. The entry and exit dates of the Sun for any particular zodiac sign dose vary by one day during some years.

Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter, it is mutable, fiery, masculine sign, governs buttocks and tights and the ninth house of the horoscope. It characteristics are love for philosophy, travels and consciousness development, optimism, religion, mysticism and foreign countries. It symbolizes ecstasy through transcendence of personality, higher education and states of consciousness beyond personal.

Sagittarians are outspokenness, sometimes to the point of bluntness. Usually, their zeal for the truth makes them blurt out just what they are thinking. Nevertheless, even when they are being extremely outspoken, others do not necessarily take offense, simply because the Sagittarian manner generates a unique attraction that prompts people to like them, regardless of their undiplomatic remarks. Sagittarians are interested in many kinds of sports.

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Even when they do not actively participate, they enjoy watching. Invariably enthusiastic and optimistic, Sagittarians go through life always looking for something else that will add new dimensions to their life. This can cause them to overextend themselves with too many activities and to use up their energy too rapidly. They are ordinarily healthy, but they can run into trouble due to overindulgence in food and drink.

Sagittarians are noted for their friendliness, helpfulness, and subtle humor. They are good conversationalists and enjoy debating merely for the sake of debating. They have a real gift for making friends, and the typical Sagittarian can go anywhere in the world without ever feeling lonely, for they acquire friends along the route.

They nearly always have the desire to travel. Their physical restlessness impels them to get out and go somewhere, even if it is only to the store and back. They are extremely independent, with a real need for personal freedom. This is why they are reluctant to get into total commitment situations and often shy away from marriage. If they feel trapped, they become moody and restless.

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Lack of concentration and too much restlessness can hold them back from realizing their full earning potential. The Sagittarian may overlook small details, but their overall sense of planning is excellent. They have good memories. If disciplined, they are capable of great things. Sagittarius like all other zodiac signs, contains three Nakshatra or lunar mansion, which are Mula Nakshatra , Purva Ashadha Nakshatra and one forth of Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra.

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Sagittarius House in Natal Chart indicates: This is where you must have Expansion, Mental comradeship, higher mind and its spiritual mystery. This is the space of expanding and evolving. Time for exploration mind wise.

The energy patterns of your experiences may be new. In previous lifetimes these house affairs were neglected. The seeds of conservative view, evolvement, growth, and prosperity must be watered daily. Sagittarius rules the thigh and also governs the 'sciatica nerve and the great saphenous vein. Problems with these may cause ache, cramping or feelings of discomfort in the lumbar region, buttocks, thighs or calves. Sagittarius also rules the expiratory functions of the lungs.

Planets afflicted in Sagittarius may cause sciatica nerve problems that may involve the body from the lumbar to the calf of the leg. There may also be paralysis from injury to the coccyx, and injury from firearms. All occupation related to Jupiter and the ninth house and not related to Pisces.

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  4. If a person is born between 16th to 25th December, the Sun remains in the 1st Decan of Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter. It denotes an open-minded, honest, sympathetic and generous disposition.

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    The native is highly impressionable, fond of liberty and independence. He is often reckless extravagant and careless. But when intellectually awakened he is philosophical, a lover of law and order, peaceful and intuitive. If a person is born between 26th December to 3rd January, the Sun remains in the 2nd Decan of Sagittarius ruled by Mars.

    It depicts the impulsive and headstrong tendencies of the sign as a whole.