Virgo weekly 27 to 2 horoscope tarot

So, now that we all know what true love should make us feel like, no matter our zodiac sign, let's let astrology tell us what our weekly horoscopes and tarot card reading for October 21st to 27th, have in store this week.

Aries, you will be reconnecting with someone from your past this week. Someone who was once a dear friend but who you might have lost touch with as you grew up.

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Also, the Tarot says that when you meet this person, they will bring your heart a lot of warmth and cheer, and will bring back a lot of fond memories. Even if they are surrounded by human beings who are called "friends" or "family. Humility is the price of true love and genuine partnership.

So if your ego is too large, don't be surprised if a certain relationship or budding romance fall apart this week. Gemini, you have suppressed a lot of heart wounds and bad memories over the years. Because dealing with such tough emotions required hard work that you weren't willing to put in.

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Well, the Tarot says that those demons are going to come crashing out of your subconscious this week. And you won't be able to shut them back into that dark corner of your psyche. When that happens, take heart. It's a sign from the universe that it's time to work on yourself and heal yourself from within. Tip: Consult a therapist if the demons are too big. Because some battles do require professional help.

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  7. Cancer, be prepared for a tough time this week. Or, them breaking up with you.

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    But don't freak out. This "autumn" could also mean a period of hardship and challenges in your relationship. Or, the end of the honeymoon phase and the start of a more mundane routine.

    There's a spider in your life, Leo. A manipulative person with vast reserves of patience. Someone with a history of trapping "stars" into his or her love web. Someone who will prevent you from succeeding and shining like a star. So beware! Don't fall into this person's trap. Because this spider is very good at spinning sticky webs and could very well trap you for life. Virgo, you have been working on something important behind the scenes. A secret project perhaps. Or, maybe you have been trying to manifest your ideal partner. It will work as long as you stay calm, grounded, and balanced within.

    Money has been a problem in your life, Libra. Maybe for quite some time now. You just can't seem to hold on to it. Unfortunately, the forecast for this week isn't very pleasant.

    Because it seems like you will be losing one of the many jobs you are juggling at the moment to pay your bills. But take heart. This is divine intervention. As in, the universe is deliberately taking this job away so that you can focus on building your foundation the right way. The patient way. Skip navigation! Story from Horoscopes.

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    We enter July with a sassy new attitude on the first, as action planet Mars enters bold Leo. A new Moon arrives on July 2, coinciding with a total solar eclipse in deep-feeling Cancer. Weigh your options carefully as you sit with this energy. Charming Venus, the planet of love and wealth enters domestic Cancer on July 3, encouraging you to create harmony and romance in your home through beautifying your space.

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    Mercury, our communication planet, joins Neptune, Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto for the ultimate retrograde party on July 7. So many planets are moving in reverse, helping us to become more accountable for our actions and decisions. Take a breather and avoid big groups on July 9, when the Sun opposes a retrograde Saturn. Sometimes, only you can take care of yourself. The Sun trines with a retrograde Neptune on July 10, bringing more clarity to our collective creative projects.

    Fiery Mars squares unpredictable Uranus on July 11, driving our need to create. If you feel yourself losing control, try to blow off a little steam to temper your reactions to authority. Go easy on yourself on July 14, as the Sun opposes a retrograde Pluto. Refocus your attention on your body to quiet your mind. The Moon waxes full during a partial lunar eclipse in hard-working Capricorn on July 16, changing our view of authority figures and who should hold power. Revamp your resume, network in your industry or seek out a mentor to help you find a new focus.

    Thought ruler Mercury moves in reverse through Cancer on July 19, intensifying our emotions, and dredging up old wounds. Try to stay present while Mercury makes his way through this highly sensitive sign, and let yourself experience the lows to enjoy the high points. Venus opposes Pluto on July 21, inspiring us to transform our outward appearance.