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This is beyond impeachment material.

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It rises all the way to immediate emergency 25th Amendment remove the delusional despot before he wrecks the nation status. How does it end? See the October forecast , and follow the links to my preceding annual world forecasts. Here are some finishing touches. Second, please note that my toll-free consultation and order line always has been and still remains Regulars know that there are many hundreds of pages online here at Astropro. Third, I have been receiving advance orders for my forthcoming World Forecast Highlights for a month now, for delivery starting December 31 this year.

I have been following up with a timely thank you and a reminder that the edition is embargoed until the end of this year, in order to keep the copycats at bay. This is covered in some detail in the full version of my World Forecast Highlights pp. Think about it, if you were born under planets or other points around these degrees. Check your chart? These celestial configurations are notable in their own right. Until this year, that is.

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And then they disappeared for centuries. Until , when the Great T-Square reappeared for the first time in some years. The same Sky Train that followed the apparition has been following its apparition ever since. You remember That was the beginning of the global financial meltdown that very nearly collapsed the world economy.

Two years later, under the Saturn-Uranus opposition , the whole world fell off a financial cliff. It was called the Great Recession. But a skunk by any other name would smell as bad.

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In fact, it was the first Great Depression of the 21st Century. Here we are 13 years later, and the latest shocks in the ongoing great financial earthquake are already evident. If history is any indication, this is not just a market crash.

All these crashes and more were precipitated at least in part by a cataclysmic volcanic eruption around , in what is now El Salvador, with global climate consequences. But out of their detritus emerged new ones, in the fullness of time. One of those just happened to become the nationalistic and then globalist European civilization that is just now fracturing the same way the Roman Empire did in the 6th Century. Sometimes they overlap, in the case of historical personages like Justinian the Great. Or maybe Donald Trump, whose BC-timed natal chart is heavily targeted by the great alignments in the sky.

The Saturn-Pluto conjunction is dead opposite his natal Saturn-Venus conjunction, while the Jupiter-Neptune square is a dead-on hit to his natal Uranus conjunct his Sun and opposite his lunar eclipse Moon. See pp in the full version of my World Forecast Highlights for details, and watch for a fuller treatment of this whole historical watershed in my forthcoming World Forecast Highlights. Indeed, "The mills of God grind slowly, yet they grind exceeding small. He was a big part of our lives for all those years. A cast of his big paw print now overlooks that hallowed ground.

Fare thee well, Bruno. See table below. Typically, Mercury Max went out with a bang, as I wrote in the full version of my World Forecast Highlights p 18 :. Elongation West of Sun Max ends.

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What happened during the August period plus or minus three days from the 9th? Well, under the heading of severe weather, the leader of the pack was one of the biggest typhoons to hit China in years: from the 10th onward, Typhoon Lekima killed dozens and rendered a million homeless as it made its way up the Chinese coast.

There was plenty in the way of other powerful storms, but Lekima definitely topped them all. The closest were a pair of 5. This is not a complete list. Two dozen of these eruptions fell in the active eruption category, but none ranked as a major eruption. This one lasts until the 18th. The uptick in intensity and frequency of storm and seismic events that accompanies any full moon applies to this one, of course. But it should be relatively benign compared to the Stealth SuperMoons that bookend August.

At the microcosmic level, any full moon heightens emotional tension and the potential for conflict. Edgy, jumpy. See my PayPal order page for price and availability details. But do feel free to order by mail or phone if you prefer. More to follow. Also in the SuperMoon arcanum comes an uptick in notable seismic activity, including moderate to severe Magnitude 5 and up earthquakes and significant volcanic eruptions.

On the meteorological front, Tropical Storms Erick and Flossie have been lashing Hawaii with high winds and surf, while Florida has been under a flood watch under an onslaught of heavy rains.

by Fred Espenak, GSFC Planetary Systems Laboratory

Here in Arizona, monsoon storms have been pounding the state this past week, with flood watches and warnings in effect from Tucson to Phoenix. A burst of solar energy stirred up space weather earlier today, which is typical of Mercury Max , raising the Kp5 index to 5 as predicted.

For more on this, see pp. Requests have begun to filter in starting last month.

Just remember: my annual forecast is always embargoed until December 31, to keep the copycats at bay. For now, the important thing is to keep a sharp weather eye out, and to make sure that your emergency kit is replenished and ready to hand. So everybody pays attention to the full SuperMoon alignment; which is even bigger and brighter than ordinary full moons.

A new SuperMoon , on the other hand, is invisible in the sky, like all new moons. The popular media have more or less completely ignored the new moon variety since they first began taking notice of SuperMoon about ten years ago now. That's why I have taken to calling this type of lunar perigee syzygy a Stealth SuperMoon. Visible from Europe, Africa and South Asia, I expect this one will rank lower on the disturbance scale than the July 2 solar eclipse, but it will still leave its mark in the way of storms and seismicity during the July shock window.

Astro-locality mapping this one draws a bead on Hawaii, the lower Pacific coast of South America, southern Mexico, the Gulf of Mexico and the southeastern US; and on the other side of the world, Mongolia, China, the Philippines, Indonesia and central Australia; plus a Jupiter meridian through west Africa and Western Europe, and a Jupiter horizon arc slicing through Central America, the southeastern US and eastern Canada, and out across Iceland.

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Geomagnetic storms also delivered per the forecast, hitting the Kp5 level on July 9 and We still have a couple weeks of Mercury Max left until August 9 , so this is far from over. Remember the personal potentials of Mercury Max as well, because the human nervous system is also sensitive to these disturbances. See the forecast, and check your chart.

Other than a consultation call, the best way to get in touch is via my email address, rnolle astropro. This latest reminder is prompted by a request that I help educate a skeptic of astrology.

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In my experience, there are no genuine skeptics when it comes to astrology, other than astrologers themselves. The rest are pseudo-skeptics, who have decided in advance that astrology is bogus - without benefit of first having studied the subject. From that point on, their only interest is in finding "reasons" astrology cannot be true.

These include red herrings like how the doctors and nurses delivering a baby have more gravitational influence on the newborn than the Sun, Moon and planets; or that the signs and constellations are in different places in the sky. As if these objections to astrology were not apropos of nothing! Hand your friendly local skeptic a bibliography that includes some Rudhyar, some Gauquelin, maybe a little Addey, Erlewine, Jayne and Carter.

That should help them get to the point where they can begin to ask intelligent questions.