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It's no wonder. You are so eager to make yourself useful that you have run yourself ragged over these past few weeks. As you may have noticed, the world is so inert and apathetic right now that every movement requires enormous effort on your part.

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Why not settle down and rest today? That would be the wisest and most reasonable thing for you to do. You will still be needed tomorrow. You could be in a competitive mood today. You'll be eager to test your powers against another. Maybe you should hit the tennis courts or head for the basketball court. You could enjoy doing some sports with some friends. Or you could compete in a different way. You could market yourself in an aggressive way, competing for an important corporate account.

You'll be ready to challenge yourself to new levels of achievement. Today, you can't help but look around your home and see areas in dire need of improvement. How long has that sofa had that tear in it? And has the wall color always been this dingy shade of taupe?

Today you are inspired to clean up, clear out the clutter and begin to shape a space that reflects more of who you truly are. When in doubt, hire a decorator!

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Love: A planetary cluster in Capricorn fails to serve your relationships well this week. You might be pickier than usual, but the Sun will ramp up your seductive skills to another level. December horoscope: Game face on!

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Your concentration will be awe-inspiring, and your colleagues will be impressed by your focus. The most popular dog breeds of Emilia Clarke looks radiant in a yellow gown at British Fashion Awards. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. Did you find the story interesting? Leo, you KNOW yourself.

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Ask the trees. You are strong in your knowing this month. Behold the glowing effect of it in the eyes of drunks. A gift is being offered to you now! Your heart is taking wings! But the good news is that you come out the queen overseeing the royal palace. There will always be haters. You deserve all of this and can handle everything that comes with it.

What does your heart deserve? Your body was made to overcome challenges and now you are facing one that will take you into the next level of maturity.

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Is there a greater pathway opening up for you? You see it! You have been feeling defeated and you are being given the option to step up and stand up in the light. Say goodbye to the past and choose the light! Just be willing to see it. That is all. Oh Scorpio, this is a beautiful month, but oh so incredibly difficult for you—the one who knows. The darkness is lifting and life is becoming so brilliant, however you may lose your mind because you are about to lose all control.

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The light is blinding you. As the master controller, the knower—this is blasphemy. There is no way to wrap your mind around this one. You cant put it in on a to-do list. You cant research it. You just have to go for it. Say yes! Throw your hair down. Throw your clothes off. You are in the great void, Sag. Are you moving on or moving forward? It is all happening under the cover of darkness.

This is not the time to fall into depression or to create a struggle. Instead, feed into the darkness. What can you give the darkness? You are at war with your gift! You have a gift, but that gift requires you to keep giving of yourself until it can give back! What has been holding you back from fully loving? How can we bring back the childlike wonder that accepts divine encouragement with an open heart?

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September is the month that you relearn how to receive love. Accept it all. Soak it all in. This includes love for yourself. Unblock that heart sweet Cap. What walls need to be taken down?


You built them to protect and feel safe, but they do not serve a purpose anymore and they are blocking you from having it all. You are in the process of stepping into your huge purpose and the steps to be taken now are in love! Aquarius, this is a moment to throw everything out the window. Release it all. Let go of needing to know or planning or needing to make it happen. How can you just love?