Hindu new year horoscope

This is where astrology comes into the picture.

Astrology is a science which studies your cosmic connection and how the movements and happenings in the cosmos bring about changes in your life altogether. Life is not a bed of roses; all of us have our share of misfortunes, but as we leave in our rear-view, we should make sure to carry forward only the good vibes and memories. The New Year starts off with two planetary transits: Mercury transits to Sagittarius on the 1st of January, and, Venus transits to Scorpio on the 2nd of January.

These transits would trigger a perpetual series of planetary transits all throughout the year.


But, it is the slower-moving outer planets, which shape the larger trends that affect us all profoundly. The major transits to look out for in are the Jupiter retrogression on the 11th of April and the Saturn retrogression on the 30th of April. The effects of these transits would completely depend upon the positioning of other planets in your horoscopes and their impacts.

One thing is for certain, with both these behemoths in retrogression, April is surely going to witness some significant changes in your life. Team Astroyogi wishes all our readers a Happy New Year ! Venus transits and placements in the New Year would be important for the Taurus Horoscope , as it is the ruling planet for the sign.

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With Venus b Though Mercury transits are quite frequent, they are important considerations for the Gemini Horoscope as the planet rules the Gemini sign. The lord of your zodiac sign, the Moon, will be positioned in your fourth house with the advent of the New Year. This is indicative of a happy and pro Sun transits are very significant for the Leo Horoscope as it is the ruler of the zodiac sign. AstroVidhi brings you Horoscope or Rashifal along with details of coming years based on your exclusive birth details. He will have a beautiful face with bright eyes.

Good blog, thanks for sharing this information, you want to know about horoscope based on your rashi click the below links, jatakam by date of birth in telugu my horoscope by date of birth. Bharani and Anuradha Nakshatras are mutually non compatible. Know about career interest health and suggestions of Anuradha Nakshatra in Vedic Astrology. Nakshatra and Names Each Nakshatra has a particular vibration corresponding to a few root alphabets of Sanskrit and it is customary in India to give the new born a name that starts with that seed sound.

In Hinduism, the Nakshatra is considered to be propitious to possess the first name that quadrates to the person's Nakshatra. Garibaldi Lake, British Columbia. Anuradha Nakshatra falls in the Moon sign Scorpio, which is in the fourth house. Yearly Horoscope MusicLearned from many people, how to predict in just a second the no of brothers and sisters. Translation: A small flash of lightening, a tiny spark, success. Anuradha Nakshatra predictions are based on Hindu astrology - Vrischika Rashi.

Anuradha Nakshatra is the 17th nakshatra of the Vedic Astrology and is found in the realm of Scorpio. Lord is Mang al, Symbol - the same as that of Visakha. Basically Saturn is the Dasha ruler of it and Mitra is deity of it.

Vedic Astrology is not more about psychological reading but actual physical reading that also shows your exact timing of events like marriage, children, career, graduation, accidents, illness etc. Discover ideas about Vedic Astrology. The Moon is the owner of this constellation and moon gets exalted in this star as well. Baby Names for Anuradha Nakshatra. Now the fourth house represents mother, property and all household related things. In the night sky, this nakshara is visible as a straight line comprising three stars.

Anuradha natives believe in God and we should not forget that Anuradha Nakshatra main symbol is staff, a strong stick. Full Moon in Anuradha nakshatra may sometimes idealise and romanticise things too much — especially those, which we do not have.

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They derive their strength from Mitra which is their ruling deity and strikes a harmonious nexus with Vishakha Nakshatra. Graha if translated from Sanskrit means "the one that controls". Annual Forecast Carrying enormous expertise in Vedic Astrology, Dr Anuradha Rai has also obtained a distinction in Nadi Astrology and with a combination of these services she remains at the forefront in the Astrological World of services. Mitra is the deity for Anuradha Nakshatra. The deity o this Nakshatra is Pitris. In Hinduism, it is called Namkaran Sanskar, during which the child is named at the punctilious time fixed by an astrologer or priest.

In Hindu astrology, Nakshatras play a very important role. Your Monthly Horoscope On November 30, it moved out of Vishakha nakshatra and entered Anuradha nakshatra. Persons born under this nakshatra belong to the zodiac sign Scorpio. During this, it will show its effects while transiting in Satabhisha Nakshatra. It is also instinctively incompatible to Nakshatras symbolized by horse and lion such as Aswini and Poorvavadrapada. Oct 8, Astrology. From Anuradha is derived friendship, love, affection and other tender feature of a person's character.

Vrischika Rasi rasipalan, Vruschika Rashi Rashifal To derive the name one should first check and see to which nakshatra the moon is in at the moment of birth. This video is focussed on Anuradha Nakshatra which is the seventeenth nakshatra in the vedic astrology. These people will take suggestions from all, finally implement their own idea. Ardra nakshatra pada This symbol indicates a conventional weapon used for self defense. The arena of the Anuradha Nakshatra is represented in the cosmos by three. Mercury planet remains strong and powerful throughout the day and night and governs the Ashlesha, Jyeshtha, and Revati Nakshatra.

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However, if you wish to know about it then you can simply imagine this ceremony to be a rather auspicious e. Ketu is transiting Purvashadha nakshatra ruled by Venus in Sagittarius sign this month. Its symbol is a large tree with spreading branches implying protection. By Anita Khandpur. Vedic Astrology - The Nakshatra: Rohini. The ground of the Anuradha Nakshatra starts with 3. Male Horse. Saturn has been in Scorpio in Vedic astrology or Jyotish for one month.

Similarly, this folks are rarely satisfied with their residents, moves their home from time to time, repeatedly. If there is a perfect Nakshatra Porutham between the Couples, then both of them would lead a healthy lifestyle and would not be affected by any chronic illness impacting their physical health both of them would lead a healthy life. That will give very bad result. In western astrology Jupiter is transiting Sagittarius from the 9th of November until the 3rd of December Anuradha Nakshatra illustration by Veno. The Nakshatra Porutham assures every couples to have a healthy lifestyle.

Jupiter as the lord of 11 th and 8 th house is in the sixth house of court cases and strife. Jupiter is giving aspect to the 10 th house from lagna and Moon which shows that the present NDA government will come back to the power again after the general elections of The 10 th lord Saturn in the foundation horoscope of India is transiting from the 8 th house Sagittarius which is another astrological indication that the central government will become very feeble and will face lots of controversies in During the last general elections in the transiting Saturn was in exalted in Libra sign like it was in when Rajiv Gandhi had won general election with a record seats in the parliament.

The BJP may have to take new coalition partners like K. India in world cup cricket: Indian cricket team will be competing to become third time champion of the One Day Cricket in the world cup tournament which will be played in England from May 30 to July In the Hindu New Year horoscope the 3 rd lord Mercury falls in the 8 th house which do not show any great success in sports for India.

In Navamsha the Jupiter is in the 3 rd and its lord Mars is in the 2 nd house with exalted Venus. So although Indian Cricket Team will perform well on the fields but still they may not be able to win the championship. Scientific Inventions and Space Technology: The placement of two benefics Mercury and Venus in the 8 th house of Hindu New Year horoscope is a great indication for some major scientific inventions and progress in the space technology for India.

In the foundation horoscope of India the sub period of 8 th lord Jupiter is running till December In the Hindu New Year horoscope the 8 th lord Saturn in the 6 th house along with Ketu and Jupiter shows new inventions in the fields of medicines.