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Whether you will utilize the influx of new power that will support the courageous adventures, or whether it would be better to lay back and enjoy the peace and home safety this month The word "horoscope" comes from Greek and means "sign of the time" or "a look at the hours". This time or hours means the moment of our birth or any other event.

Therefore by horoscope we call a diagram that represents the position of the Sun, Moon and other planets at the particular moment. The actual chart is only interesting and complicated picture example here that has no great predictive value for common people. Only the interpretation of this diagram by an astrologer gives a sense to the horoscope.

By Horoscop e we often mean the interpretation of the position of the planets than the mere capture of them in the form of the diagram. Horoscope is based on the geocentric conception of the universe and the Earth is therefore reflected in its center.


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All other planets, including the Sun, are then marked in the peripheral ring, which we call the Zodiac. The Zodiac is a belt in the sky established from constellations , in which from our point of view the planets move.

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There are 12 constellations and each occupies the same angle of 30 degrees degrees total. This belt encircling the Earth is the outer circle in the chart into which the position of the planets is marked. Each astrological sign is symbolized by an animal Fish, Cancer, Scorpio, Your astrological sign shows the constellation of zodiac in which the Sun was located at the time of your birth. That's why it is also called the Sun sign or Zodiac sign.

The meaning of planets in horoscopes is based on Greek mythology, where the planets are attributed to individual gods.

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Each planet expresses certain human desires, motives and character Mars for example was the god of war and is associated with power — how we enforce our will. As long as there were no telescopes, people considered planets to be "wandering stars". Only five well visible planets were known for centuries.

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Uranus, Neptune and Pluto have become part of horoscopes only recently, when they were discovered in the last century. The aspects in astrology are individual angles, that the planets make to each other in the horoscope.

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There are several types of aspects. The most famous and most important are conjunction angle up to 10 degrees and opposition degrees angle. Followed by the trine degrees , quadrature 90 degrees , sextile 60 degrees and many others. The evaluation of the aspects of the planets in the horoscope can bring our spiritual structure, that we bring to life in the moment of birth.

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The ascendant is the specific constellation of the zodiac, which is located on the eastern horizon at the time of our birth just rise on the horizon. The position of the ascendant depends on the place of birth, month and time.

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Your sign should be interpreted differently if you born in the sign of Virgo with ascendant in Scorpio, and otherwise, if you are in the same sign with the ascendant in Pisces. There are 12 signs and 12 ascendants, which brings together possible combinations. Therefore it is not enough to say "my sign is the Lion", but it is always necessary to add the ascendant. Taurus April 20 - May Cancer June 21 - July Virgo August 23 - September When you least expect it, it can burn you or turn you into a rock of ice.

It is best that you materialize and solidify the relationship you are living now.

If you are single and intend to remain single: play around. All eyes will be on you and your heart will surrender to one person… per month. Earlier this year you may feel that your career is stagnant. But do not despair.

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Someone is about to leave the company or retire and you could move up. The key to success and being nominated for the job is to be calm and sparing; also not to change your mind abruptly, not to give controversial opinions, and to do your job as perfectly as possible. You will be rewarded for it. Stress, unfortunately, will haunt you this year. It will be allied with the race against time that you will enter because of your finances and the heavy workload you will face.

Facing such stressful times will require intense and regular exercise to channel all the adrenaline and relieve tension.

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Take care of your digestive system, avoiding long hours without eating and taking care of what you eat. Avoid foods that increase gastrointestinal problems. WeMystic is an information site and its content is not of scientific rigor.