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This is quite a show as Venus nears the bright star Regulus, the heart of the lion constelation. Our sacred feminine is still recovering from her underworld journey; she will be hard to spot. She is still fairly close to the sun. Mercury will be close by for the show. Mercury the messenger planet of thought, communication and cognition will be there to tell us something. Venus and Mercury each have a beautiful cycle to track, as the ancients did. The magic number that these two inner planets share is Every 40 years Venus and mercury will rejoin together in the same place in the sky.

If you are over 40 you could ask yourself what was happening for you 40 years ago and track your evolution. Maybe the old you has a message for the new you. Create an affirmation, a message for yourself in how amazing you are. Chant a mantra. Do what you love. Lead by example as a result of doing what you love. Love yourself. Shine your inner light so brightly that you glow on the outside.

Be the lighthouse. Just as the feminine planet has arisen she crosses in close contact with the giant Jupiter! The biggest planet in our solar system: Jupiter expands anything it touches. The giant will shine a spotlight on the fact Venus is crossing into the sign of Virgo on her ascent upwards through the chakra gates. In the ROOT chakra gate this is fitting.

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Virgo is the the natural connection to the earth elements, patterns of nature, and bringing spirit into matter to honor it. The goddess planet will explore self-love through the earth mamma sign of Virgo, which brings to mind the most foundational portions of growth: The soil! Only the best soil will grow the healthiest crops. Without the minerals in the fertile dirt provided, the plant will not have the elements needed for proper growth.

How will you mineralize your ground? The Moon will then come in close contact with Jupiter in the closest occultation of the year. The Moon mixed with Jupiter amplifies the effect. Virgo pays attention to the details more than any other sign. Kick back and observe the unfolding of the beautiful patterns.

With the patterns of the universe that are always changing, we spiral through this journey of life. We now cross close constituents with the red man: Mars the sacred masculine.

Introduction to Shamanic Astrology

This moon crossing announces that Mars is a player here on this tour of the planets in the night sky. Within one degree of the star Antares, known as the rival of Mars. Perhaps we will see a fight? Better yet, perhaps we will see a peace-pact being made between the two.

This is happening in the sign of Sagittarius, the truth seeker trailblazer. With Saturn close by, perhaps everyone will play by the rules. Maybe everyone will mature and become more adult together. May we see each other as we are with respect. May we honor all truths.

Engaging with These Events Through Shamanic Ceremony

August 11 th and 12 th. Jupiter is close by which for some reason makes this light show even more dramatic than usual. There will be an all time high of meteors per hour.

The planet of rules, regulations and authority is a great teacher. Saturn teaches us to evolve through limits and boundaries. In the sign of Sagittarius, the philosopher traveler, the planet of foundational structures goes forward again. If you are in a Saturn return or Saturn cycle this could be that tipping point to fully move forward. Let this be the time to make your choices be real in your life.

What is your truth moving forward?


At the same time Mars with Saturn by the star Antares. All at the same time?! And to be seen by our own eyes?! This gathering of planets is definitely some cosmic energy building up! One of my Shamanic Astrology teachers Erik Roth did some research on this: The last time there was a combined effect anything like this with these planets in these points in the sky was ad!

There will not be anything like this until after at the least. Even if you take Mercury and Antares out of the story this is still quite amazing. In traditional astrology which uses concepts of good and bad Shamanic Astrology does NOT , sees Venus and Jupiter as the benefics meaning beneficial and Mars and Saturn as the malefics meaning more negative… It is interesting that BOTH benefics and BOTH malefics are together, almost like a show down between the dualities.

Each of the light and dark sides has shown up in a team for a sight of one another. Even better: we have the opportunity for harmony and balance.

Perhaps a balance of light and dark? A balance is coming indeed. Mercury is a neutral messenger to the party.

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If nothing else he magnifies or spreads the word of the Jupiter Venus expansion. Antares is seen as the key to the golden gate, the heart of the Scorpion constellation, which is indeed adding intensity to the Mars and Saturn part of the scene. From a Shamanic perspective is this considered a blue moon? My next Conversations to Enlighten and Heal webinar show is on Wednesday July 29th with Mo Abdelbaki who will talk about Venus retrograde from the perspective of Vedic astrology and Tarot. Have a beautiful day everyone, a warm Mahalo, much love to you! Wishing you Happy Days always!

What you will learn: Please join me in welcoming to the show Cayelin Castell. Welcome to the show, Cayelin! The study supported the conventional wisdom that children exposed to reproductive and environmental risk factors experience more problems than children who were not exposed. I was one of those problem children, born to a girl who was barely 14 years old who had been molested by her step-father.


There is always the need to carry on. Synchronistically, the autobiography, Marjory Stoneman Douglas: Voice of the River , lay next to my computer, which I had been using as a reference and for inspiration. Having attended Florida schools through college, Marjory Stoneman Douglas was more than just a familiar name or historical figure.

Anthropology can be a pretty heady subject, but fortunately I was introduced to the British social anthropologist, Sheila Kitzinger, and her work as a childbirth activist and author at the beginning of the natural childbirth movement. She had a way of bringing this subject to life and was fabulously witty, progressive and fiercely independent. We met in when Sheila was promoting her new book, Women as Mothers: My son was a nursing baby on my lap when I first heard her speak.